New Good Friday Wishes 2017

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Additional Good Friday Wishes For Your Relatives, Friends, and Colleagues

Good Friday cannot be celebrated by you without sending some nice Good Friday wishes to your friends and relatives. If you need help with more wishes to be sent to your friends and relatives, then this article gives you more of them. You can get the exact same wishes or even customize them yourself.


  1. “Very thankful for the many blessings the Lord has given me… Love you Lord. Happy Good Friday.”
  2. “A Christian holiday celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is the day that Jesus Christ is said to have been nailed and died upon the cross. Meat is not to be consumed on this day.”
  3. “Feel good when somebody Miss u.
    Feel better when somebody Loves u.
    But feel best when somebody never forgets u.
    Good Friday…”

Easter Good Friday 2017 | Holy Friday

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Easter Good Friday

Easter Good Friday cannot be celebrated completely without the services of the church. Masses and prayers are main parts of this celebration. This article will discuss to you the services done on the holy Friday as commemoration to the sacrifices made by the lord Jesus Christ on his journey to save humankind.

Easter Good Friday

Decorations and Sightseeing

During the services on good Friday, the most preferable environment for the church is that there are no banners, flowers, paraments, and other things other than the cross and the veil. Representations of the cross may be put into the church. The furnishings such as the pulpit and the Lord’s Table should have no cloth and candles on them. The cross, which is the symbol of the day, should remain visible to everyone inside the church. The cross may be veiled completely or partially. The most recommended color for the veil is scarlet so that it will call attention to the cross.


The Proclamation of the Narrative

The proclamation of the narrative is a main part of the church service for the holy Friday. There are three ways in which the proclamation of the narrative may be done. These are:

  1. Either the short or long version of the passion story may be read dramatically by various people or just one person. The version most recommended to be used is the Service of Tenebrae because it has accurate translation from the Greek and avoids the blaming of the Jewish people for the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.
  2. The choir may sing the passion narrative.
  3. Hymns may be sung by the people inside the church in intervals as the reading goes on.

The Meditation at the Cross

It is highly recommended to have the cross placed in an area where all the people can see it so as to improve the mediation at the cross. During the part of the mass for the meditation at the cross, people may be invited to go in front of the cross and kneel before it. This is a highly recommended activity for you to be able to have a solemn prayer of forgiveness and thanksgiving for all the sacrifices that the lord Jesus Christ has made for you. If you have not yet done this, then you should try to attend the church for the easter good Friday 2017 and meditate in front of the cross during the service.

Meditation at the Cross

The Seven Last Words of Christ

During holy Friday, the seven last words of Jesus Christ on the cross is also commemorated based on several readings. The readings may come in the order of music, visuals, drama, and a liturgical dance.

The Stations of the Cross

Church services on holy Friday also include the Stations of the Cross. These stations depict the journey of Christ through crucifixion. You can meditate on these crosses and pray solemnly for forgiveness of your sins and thanksgiving for Jesus for saving you.

Now, you know the services of the church for the easter good Friday. Try to experience these services to have a good commemoration and celebration of the sacrificial day.

2017 Holy Friday Celebration in Most Countries | Good Friday

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In most countries, Holy Friday is both a religious occasion and a public holiday. It is just a part of a religious week-long celebration of the passion of Jesus Christ which is called the holy week. The four major days of the holy week are the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday. For this article, we will be discussing particularly the Good Friday and how it is celebrated in most countries, especially those countries with Christianity and Catholicism as their major religion. Make sure to read the article up until the end so that you will be able to know what to do on the upcoming good Friday 2017 date which is on April 14, 2017.

Holy Friday

What Do People Do on Holy Friday?

Good Friday comes two days before the Easter Sunday. During this day, a lot of people, especially Catholics and Christians, refrain from doing the usual activities of singing or playing loud music and drinking alcohol. Other people, who may be from other religions, also do such things as respect to the majority of the people around them. In addition, people also celebrate Good Friday by refraining from eating meat. They do fasting and prayers like novenas and rosaries.

During the holy Friday, people also attend masses and take part in the Stations of the Cross or the Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ. These exhibits portray the last hours of Jesus and his journey to save us all by ridding us of our sins. Most people go on to these exhibits and meditate on the sufferings of Jesus by doing solemn prayers. Other people go as far as to actually portraying what happened to Jesus Christ when he sacrificed himself. There are people who undergo actual crucifixion for penance.


The main event of the day is the mass on or before 3:00 pm. This is the exact time when Christ died on the cross to save us all. At 3:00 pm, all people observe silence and do their most solemn prayers. With such different activities, plan your events early for the next good Friday 2017 date which will happen on April 14.

Public Life

A lot of establishments are closed during the holy Friday. There are no classes on schools, colleges, and universities. Similarly, government offices are also closed. However, hotels and other public places may be full due to tourists visiting different cities to pray for the local churches scattered all over the region. This act is usually called the “Visita Iglesia” where devotees celebrate Good Friday by visiting different churches within their country, usually the most elegant and most popular churches from their area.


The Symbol for the holy Friday is the cross primarily because it is the main celebration for the day which is the crucifixion of Christ. The crucifixion of Christ was when he got his hands and feet nailed on a large wooden cross.

Holy Friday

Such happenings, events, and activities are the traditional things that most countries do during Good Friday. Plan your itinerary early on for the next Good Friday. The good Friday 2017 date is on April 14, 2017 so make sure to plan ahead of time.