Floral Symbols on Easter Week – Good Friday 2017

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From the many symbols presented an displayed during the Easter week, one of the most popular ones are the floral symbols. Flowers are very popular during the Easter celebration primarily because they blossom during the spring which is the time of the Easter celebration. In addition to that, the blooming of flowers also symbolizes a new life. For the upcoming good Friday 2017, you may want to decorate or make use of the floral symbols. If yes, than you should read this article to be able to know the different floral symbols on the Easter week.

Floral Symbols on Easter Week

Floral Symbols on Easter Week

A lot of flowers are associated with the Easter and spring festivals. Specific kinds of flowers were even given the special meanings by the Catholics and the Christians to make their celebration of Easter a lot more powerful and meaningful. These are the flowers of the Easter celebration:


Lilies are flowers often colored white. They symbolize goodness and purity. They help Christians celebrate Easter in a way to remember the purity, kindness, and perfection of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross and sacrificed himself to be able to save the humankind by erasing all of their sins.

Passion Flower

Unlike the Lilies, the passion flowers have been given a lot of meaning by the Christians during the Easter celebration.  However, passion flowers help Christians remember the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The three stamens of a passion flower represent the three nails of Jesus on the Christ which are the Trinity, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The circle of petals then represents the crowns made of thorns worn by Jesus on his journey to crucifixion. In addition, a passion flower has ten petals, which symbolizes the ten disciples of Jesus Christ who did not betray him. The spike-like leaves represent the spear that was used to wound the side of Jesus Christ. And lastly, the passion flower usually lasts for three days, which represents the three days that Jesus spent on his tomb before being alive once again to erase all evil in the world.

A lot of churches from different parts of the world make use of these flowers in their flower festivals for the Easter celebration. If you want to make use of these flowers too on your celebration of the good Friday 2017 then go purchase some of them.

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Easter Monday 2017

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The Origin of the Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

The Easter week is that time of the year when Christians and Catholics remember the death and the resurrection of the lord Jesus Christ. These people believe that Jesus, the son of God, sacrificed himself to erase all the sins of the people and then came back to life after three days in order to banish the evil. Christians and Catholics believe that faith in God and Jesus can lead them to heaven. You might want to know a thing or two about the Easter week to celebrate easter Monday 2017 to the fullest.

The term “Easter” came from the word “Ostara” which is an old pagan spring festival celebrated to honor a new life. It also came from an old pagan festival called “Ishtar” which is an Arabian sun festival. Ancient Christians then took over these festivals and changed the theme of new life into celebrating the new life of Jesus Christ. Easter is somewhat similar and dissimilar to Christmas. It is dissimilar to Christmas in a way that Easter celebrates both the death and the new life of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, it is similar to Christmas in a way that both celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

The Origin of the Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

The Origin of the Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

Easter Week is celebrated somewhere between March and April because this is the time when Jesus died, somewhere in the Jewish Passover festival. The Passover festival started to be celebrated about 4,000 years ago when the Jewish people remembered when Christ saved them from slavery in Egypt. The date of this celebration is being followed by the Jews based on the cycle of the moon, hence the variation between March and April.Easter week is coming in April this time and will be good Friday 2017 the most awesome day.

Nowadays, the Easter period is celebrated in one whole week. The Lenten season officially starts during the Ash Wednesday which is 46 days before the first day of the Easter week. However, keep in mind that Lent is celebrated for 40 days because Sundays are not included. The Easter week then starts on Eastern Monday and the rest of the week follows the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

That is all there is for the Easter week origin of celebration. Share the knowledge you have learned to those who still do not know much about this on easter Monday 2017.

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Good Friday 2017 Uk

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The good Friday 2017 UK is just right around the corner. You probably are planning on the various traditions and activities that you will be conducting for this special event. Now, you may have already prepared the passion plays, cross buns, prayers, and other activities for the Good Friday but you still are not prepared for the symbols that should be displayed. The symbols will enhance the celebration of the Good Friday because they make the people feel the special event a lot more serious. This article will discuss to you the various Easter symbols for the Easter week celebration.

Easter Symbols For Easter Week Celebrations

Easter Symbols For Easter Week Celebrations

Easter Symbols For Easter Week Celebrations

Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnets have been popularized in the European countries for the easter celebration. An easter bonnet is a hat decorated by various flowers for women to wear. Nowadays, a lot more countries aside from the European ones have adapted the use of Easter bonnets as traditional head wear for the Easter week. A lot of people even conduct contest as to who wore the best Easter bonnet. Some shops also display an Easter bonnet. Shops with the best designs win the best display resulting to more tourist attractions.

Easter Rabbits and Lambs

You may have known this already. During easter in good Friday 2017, the most popular animals are the rabbits and the lambs. The main reason for this is that these animals often give birth during spring which is the date of the Easter celebration. During the ancient times, rabbits were a sign of new life and good luck. On the other hand, the lamb is a symbol of Jesus as indicated in the bible when he was described as the Lamb of God.

Easter Eggs

Of Course, easter eggs will always be there during easter especially on the Easter Sunday. Children and even adults play a game called the Easter egg hunt wherein they will look for decorated eggs hidden in various places around one area. The winner will be the one who got the most number of Easter eggs in his or her basket.

Cross Buns

Cross buns are the staple food, especially on Good Friday. These became the primary substitute for other foods when people fast during the day. They also became a traditional food for passion plays to be given to the guests.

Those are the main symbols of the Easter week. Make sure to prepare these symbols especially the cross buns for the good Friday 2017 .


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Foods and Delicacies on Easter Celebration

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Though Easter is celebrated with fasting, it does not mean that people do not eat anything at all. Much like other kinds of celebration, Easter is also celebrated with different kinds of food and delicacies. Just like the success of the celebration of good friday 2017, you should also celebrate the upcoming Good Friday with the traditional foods and delicacies of the Easter celebration to secure the success of your celebration.

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration

There are a lot of various special foods eaten during the Easter week. One of the most famous foods eaten on this week is the cross bun. These buns are often made in the United Kingdom on the Holy Friday 2017. They are basically made of dough with currants and topped with raisins. The bun represents the moon and the four seasons or four quarters. Christians and Catholics alike make the hot cross buns as symbols for the Cross that Jesus died on when he sacrificed himself to save humanity.

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration

Foods and Delicacies on the Easter Celebration


Another delicacy during the Easter celebration is the Simnel cake. This is also another delicacy popular in the UK on good friday in Canada. It is a cake full of different kinds of fruits covered with a single layer of Marzipan. The top of the cake is also decorated with eleven Marzipan balls which symbolizes the eleven disciples of Jesus Christ who never betrayed him. In addition, the middle of the cake is also layered with Marzipan.

Pancakes are also delicacies during the Easter celebration on 14 April 2017 . Different kinds of recipes exist for these pancakes specially made for the Easter. You may want to follow a specific recipe that will suit your tastes and preferences. In Italy, salty pretzels are combined with pancakes. In Russia, pancakes are service with cooked anchovies, cream, oranges, and other dried fruits. Also in Greece, pancakes are served during the Easter celebration with a mix of some almonds and other dried fruits.

Now that you know the different foods and delicacies on the Easter celebration, make sure to pick the food that will match your tastes and preferences to have a good celebration of the upcoming Good Friday much like the success of the good friday 2017.

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Good friday 2019

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The celebration of the good friday 2019 is near and it is expected for you to know everything about the Easter day customs. You cannot celebrate the Easter to the fullest if you do not even know how you are celebrating it. If just like other people this is your dilemma, then this article is here to help you with knowing everything about the Easter day and the entire Easter week.


For Christians and Catholics alike, Easter Day is one of the most important days of their year. It is the day when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after he was crucified to save humanity. Most churches all over the world celebrate the Easter Day on the midnight or just seconds after beginning the day. Candles are one of the main parts of the celebration. They help the Christians and Catholic remember the lightness that Jesus has given to the world when he eliminated the darkness from it.


There are some churches that start the celebration in a service during the darkness. Afterwards, twelve candles are lit one by one and then these candles are used to light other candles around the church. For each lit of a candle, the priest will state “Christ has risen” and the rest of the people or audience within the church responds “He has risen indeed.” Countries like Greece even make use of fireworks to make the celebration a lot more alive.


Churches are also filled with various flowers during Easter day. These flowers represent a new life. Passion flowers and lilies are the most common kinds of flowers during the celebration. Priests, who lead the Church services, wear their brightest robes. Some churches display a model of the tomb that Christ was put into during Good Friday 2017. During Easter Day, this tomb will be rolled away.


These are some of the most common Easter day customs all over the world. Make sure to bear in mind these customs for you to be able to maximize your celebration especially on the upcoming good friday 2019.

Christian’s point of view on Good Friday – What is Good Friday – Holy Friday?

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Christian’s point of view on Good Friday – What is Good Friday / Holy Friday?

People belonging to Christian faith are well aware of their savior, Jesus Christ. For those who do not practice Christianity may not be much aware of Jesus. The life and teachings of Jesus were discussed to a non-practicing Christian, whose identity is set to be anonymous. This is what happened: read more at Good friday 2017 .Christian’s point of view on Good Friday - What is Good Friday - Holy Friday?

On Good Friday, before the enlightenment:

The person believes it to be just another holiday. The holiday gives him to have a day off to be with his family. He spends his day watching TV, scrolling through internet, going out with friends. When asked about the crucifixion of Jesus, he nods and responds that he is aware but just never gave a thought on it. He didn’t know the events that led to the crucifixion nor did the philosophy of it. Upon asking whether he attends the Sunday church, he laughed stating he doesn’t get the free time.

On Good Friday, after the enlightenment:

We discussed the events, the reasons of crucifixion. There was silence on his part as we carried on. Upon completion, he asked us the sources, God’s intention for letting his only son die. While we answered his queries, we took his opinion on Good Friday to which he stated as: “It’s really unthankful of us to not have praised such a humble, brave man the way he really deserved. I’d honestly never think about this but God’s plan for us and his son – I guess that’s something to contemplate on.”

The person we mentioned is now a devout Christian. Having done this informal discussion around 4 years ago, he regularly attends church and masses. On Good Friday, he can be seen in the local church redeeming himself and his past self, as he makes his connection with God and his son.

Good Friday on 2011 and 2016 – Holy Good Friday

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Good Friday on 2011 and 2016 – Holy Good Friday

The Good Friday observed in 2011 and the one observed in 2016 are a bit different owing to many reasons. The essence, passion and the commemoration are duly respected and believed. However, technological advancements have been dominant and they have made an impact in our lives. The advancements that were in 2011 have been quite changed.Good Friday

How the world observed Good Friday in 2011:

The internet is readily available. Christians, irrespective of their sects, pay their respects by offering fasts and attending services in churches. On a more unphysical and digital scale, pictures related to the teachings of Jesus are shared. Famous sermons are delivered as they’re shared on every online social platform. Masterpieces on the life of Jesus are being discussed and forwarded. What is interesting to note is that all these activities are easily being done via cell phones and computers. Cell phones, restricted to their size, would have to be connected to computer to be more accessible in sharing or receiving contents.

How the world observed Good Friday in 2016:

With the advent of better cell phones, the sharing of content had gotten easier. With better display and options, cell phones were primarily used to share content online. What became the most gifted of all options was the Live Broadcast. Just like TVs cover the as-it-is-happening content, technology gave everyone the freedom to their moments of Good Friday as they were happening.

Every part of the famous The Way of the Cross could be broadcasted by anyone who is in the procession. In short, the world observed Good Friday in a better and smartly integrated way as compared to 2011.

The spirit, nonetheless, remained the same for the passion of Christ, whether it was 2011 or 2016.

Good Friday 2017 in the USA: Bank Holiday & Shopping in the USA

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Good Friday 2017 in the USA: Bank Holiday & Shopping in the USA, Good Friday 2017 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank Holiday

Good Friday 2017 in the USA: Bank Holiday & Shopping in the USAGood Friday is specially named as Spring Holiday in the United States. People all over the USA in every state celebrate this holy event every year. The federal authorities do not declare this as a local holiday. The institutes and offices are not closed. The government offices also work according to the routine on Good Friday. The day commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, and it plays a vital role in the faith of any Christian. Some of the states enjoy States holiday on this day.

In-house activities

Most of the homes keep the atmosphere quite on this day. There are very limited outside activities conducted by people. Many people also cook hot cross buns which are a very famous traditional recipe associated with Good Friday. People mostly remove flowers as well as other glossy objects from the house to show reverence. Many people clean their houses for the Easter Sunday coming after two days. Good Friday 2017 in UK, US, India, Canada, Australia

General public routine

Because Good Friday is not the local holiday in the USA, so people work according to their schedule. In some of the states and offices employees are given a day off on this day. Those people enjoy the day with their family in homes. Some of the states also offer just school holiday on Good Friday. Some of the people who are not given paid holiday take a day off and enjoy a small vacation with their family.

Symbols of Good Friday In USA

People hold crosses, pictures as well as statues covered with black and gray color. Some of the crosses also have Christ’s figure. Most of the people signify mourning and sadness by using these symbols. Parades and other religious plays are presented in some places in organized events. The plays show the whole incident of that day to remember the sacrifices of Christ.

Good Friday in USA comes two days earlier than Easter Sunday. There are many famous parades offered on this day in the USA that motivate general public. The Good Friday has a significant role in the life of any Catholic Christian specifically. They offer special prayers, and the churches are closed in the afternoon after special prayers. This shows their respect.

Good Friday 2017 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank Holiday

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Good Friday 2017 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank Holiday, Good Friday 2017 Festival  in India | Good Friday Holiday 2017

Good Friday 2017 in Ireland : Good Friday in Ireland Bank HolidayGood Friday is an occasion of, particularly Catholic Christians. It is celebrated to remember the crucifixion of Christ. In Ireland, it is regarded as the day of worship and rest. There is no public holiday on this day. In 2016 the Good Friday was celebrated on Friday, March 25, 2016, while in 2017 it will be on Friday, April 14, 2017. People practice different rituals on this day as a symbol of paying regard.


Different symbols that specifically represent the celebrations of Black Friday in Ireland are that people carry images of Jesus and crosses. The material of which these crosses are made can be plant, metal or wood. The places where they hold these symbols can be their churches, public places or homes. They show respect and worship to pay reverence.


The reason why Black Friday is celebrated is that it is a way of recalling the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On this day people offer prayers and also get ready for the Easter Celebrations. It is the day of mourning.
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Alcohol selling

As a symbol of respect selling alcohol on Good Friday in Ireland is prohibited in Ireland since 1927. An act of Intoxicating Liquor declared it illegal to sell Alcohol on this day as a symbol of paying respect. Some of the restaurants and pubs remain close during Black Friday.

General Public Reaction

Though it is not a public holiday on this day people pay respect. It is a day of worshipping and resting for Christians. Some of the businesses and Schools close at an earlier time than normal to facilitate the people performing rituals. It is also somewhat difficult to eat something out from your homes and restaurants because the unlicensed pubs and hotels are close on Good Friday in Ireland.


Practices of Christians

Normally many Christians do meditation of personal prayers. Some of the Catholics also join services of special prayers. People clear their homes for making preparations of Easter Sunday. Some people also enjoy the holiday by relaxing with their family. They visit abroad or have a small holiday within Ireland.

Good Friday 2017 Festival in India | Good Friday Holiday 2017

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Good Friday 2017 Festival in India | Good Friday Holiday 2017, Good Friday 2017 in Canada Holiday Store Hours

Good Friday 2017 Festival  in India | Good Friday Holiday 2017 In India, Good Friday is a Christian holiday. The special services that people perform include special church prayers. Some of the businesses and government offices are also closed. The normal practice is to close the churches after the special prayer, and people have bitter drinks such as vinegar, leaves juice, etc. many people fast and do not eat meat on this day. In India, it is regarded as the day of sadness just like other places.


Most people in India pray and have special services in the churches on Good Friday. Some of the Christians also arrange the parades and plays to display the last hours of Jesus Christ’s life. In most areas of India, the sadness of this day is shown in different ways. The churches remain dark and vacant after the afternoon. Everyone taste the bitter drink made in the churches.

Good Friday in India General Public

All the government institutes and offices are closed on Good Friday in India. However, some of the organizations may open for a small time and reduce the hours of closing. The parades and local prayer may interrupt the traffic timing so check the schedule before going to take public transport. It mostly happens in places with more population of Christian society.

Practices of Christians

The fasts and prayers are arranged for this event. Palm Sunday and last Supper of Jesus are the part of this holy week. It is the reflection of Jesus’ life. People try to follow that path and become kinder towards others. It also represents the sufferings and sacrifices of Christ.

Business life

Most businesses are closed due to local holiday but some of the offices in Goa; Assam etc. is opened because these are the places with the less Catholic majority. The stock markets are not opened as well. The central government declares the statutory holiday for all. Holy Friday – Goodfriday2017 – Good Friday 2017 Date Worldwide

As in India, there are less Catholic Christians there are not many distinguished practices like in other countries. People take rest as it is holiday and offer prayers. Respect is given to the sacrifices of Jesus on this holy week.

Good Friday 2017 in Canada Holiday Store Hours

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Good Friday 2017 in Canada Holiday Store Hours, Easter Friday 2017 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland Traditions

Good Friday 2017 in Canada Holiday Store HoursGood Friday in Canada is a Public Holiday. It is the Friday that comes two days ahead of Easter Sunday. The dates when Good Friday is probable to occur are from 22nd March to 25th April. The Christians mark this day as the memory of Christ’s death. Even the people who do not visit the church regularly during the year attend the church on this day. People take rest and worship on this day in churches.


People enlighten the candles. They have crosses, statues and paintings with them that are covered with gray, black and purple colors. Some of the Catholics often have a partial fast on this day. They do not eat meat during Good Friday. Most of the Catholics remove all the shiny objects and flowers from their homes to represent mourning.
Good Friday 2017 Sms Messages Quotes Wishes

Non-Christian Canadians

The Canadians who do not belong to Christianity, Good Friday is regarded as three to four days holiday because it is a public holiday. Most of the people take a small leave from the work to visit their friends and family. Some of the people also avail this opportunity to go on outing with their family.

Related events in Canada

On the Good Friday of 1964, a terrible earthquake hit this region. That also caused a tsunami. It is incurred great damages and nearly 400 homes were destroyed due to that event.

Hot cross buns

The traditional food normally famous on Black Friday is Hot Cross bun. This bun is like bread which also contains some dry fruits. The specialty of this bun is that it has a cross on the top of it which is covered with sugar. It is eaten with butter spread over the top of it. The cross on the top could be cut, and there is particular dough which stays light even after the bun is baked.

Some exceptions

Although it is a statutory holiday in Canada approved from the federal authorities, but this does not apply in the state of Quebec. The employees are given a choice to either take a holiday on Easter Monday or Good Friday.

Easter Friday 2017 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland Traditions

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Easter Friday 2017 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland Traditions, Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions

Easter Friday 2017 in Ireland | Good Friday in Ireland TraditionsEaster Friday which is also known as Good Friday is commemorated in Ireland with great respect. It has date confusions because it changes with the lunar calendar. At Easter when you think about chocolates and bunnies, Goo Friday is kept in mind as the memory of a hurtful event. People remember this day and relate it with the sacrifices of Jesus. Because Easter is just around the corner people, do a lot of shopping of chocolates and other stuff.

Local Holiday Easter Friday In Ireland and rituals

In Ireland Easter, Friday is not a local holiday. Offices are opened just like the routine dates and people do their work. While some people take a short leave from their office to enjoy the four days long weekend with their friends and family. The shops close at odd timings. In these days chocolate bunnies along with hot cross buns are pretty famous. Bunnies are related to the Easter as special food while hot cross buns are traditionally associated with Good Friday because it has a cross on its surface. Good Friday 2017 Quotes SMS Greetings Ideas UK USA CANADA


It is illegal to sell alcohol in Ireland on the Good Friday. Mostly pubs and hotels are closed on this day because of the special act passed by the government of Ireland. Many people do not use alcohol in these days as a simple of paying respect to the sacrifices made by Jesus.

Good Friday Agreement

It is also known as Belfast Agreement. It was a special agreement that took place in Ireland during 90s. Many institutions were created as the result of that agreement in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. There are two main parts of the agreement. One is signed by the heads of two governments, and the other is among the two governments as well as 8 political parties. This agreement is not particularly related to the rituals and ceremonies of Good Fridays, but it is named after this religious event.

People show respect and grief for Easter Friday In Ireland. It is of vital importance to the Catholic Christians living in Ireland. They pay much regard to Good Friday and follow many rituals.

Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions

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Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions, Easter Friday 2017 in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions

Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece TraditionsEaster Friday is celebrated by many Catholic and Orthodox Christians. It is also called “Great Friday.” They remember this day as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The dates of Catholic Easter Friday are two days before Easter Sunday; the date is set according to the lunar calendar. The Orthodox Christians use certain editions of Julian Calendars also.


Many of the Orthodox Christians have the ritual of holding out of the ordinary readings of the events that lead towards crucifixion. There are many Christians that arrange these meetings for the whole week and also hold many liturgies in the afternoon. There are certain discussion groups of people where they discuss particular topics. There are family retreats. People wrap red eggs that are to be distributed on the Easter Sunday. Many of the grown-up Christians do fasting, prayers, confessions, cleanliness, community work and self-assessment on this day. This leads them towards eradicating mistakes and leading a better life ahead.

New Testament in Bible

Many of the Greece people remember the last moments of Christ as stated in New Testament in Bible. It is a liturgy that is long. However, it is much remarkable. There are sequences of events along with the contribution in prayers. The coffin in passed on the streets through an authentic person. Churches are decorated, and parades are held. People also stage some plays to commemorate the events of that day. Good Friday 2017 in UK, US, India, Canada, Australia

General Public

There is no federal public holiday at Easter Friday in Greece. People gather and celebrate the Easter period with their loved ones. People that are travelers should confirm with their embassies and make sure the availability of transport before making any plans.

There is pressure among the Orthodox Catholics about the date of Easter Friday. Some of them follow old Julian calendar while some go according to the revised calendar. There are certain steps taken to avoid this problem. Some transformations have been made, but there are no fruitful results so far to solve the issue. However, people regard this as really holy week and represent symbols of sadness on Easter Friday due to hurtful events. It is the event of great importance for Christian community.

Easter Friday 2017 in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions

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Easter Friday in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions, Good Friday 2017 in Spain | Good Friday in Spain Traditions

Easter Friday in Canada | Good Friday in Canada TraditionsEaster is most widely celebrated Christian event that is also a religious holiday. It is observed as the event that is most important for the Christians after Christmas. There is a difference between the dates of celebrating Easter Friday in Orthodox Christians and Catholics. The Easter Friday is focused on Christ’s date of death. Orthodox Christians follow Julian calendar and Western Christians go according to the lunar calendar. Among Orthodox Christians, there is also much confusion among the users of revised Julian calendar and old Julian calendar.

Rituals and Symbols

Many people take a firm fast on this day especially Orthodox Christians. There are many afternoon liturgies and evening processions. Many women in catholic and orthodox community wear a head scarf during the prayers. People ornament Easter eggs as the preparations for Easter Sunday. People do fasting and meditation. Most of the people strictly avoid eating meat during that day. Drinking and selling of Alcohol is also not regarded as a good practice because of the respect associated with the event. Good Friday 2017 Greetings Quotes Images Wishes

Easter Friday in Canada Public Holiday

There is no holiday announced by the federal government in Canada at Eastern Friday. Most of the people go according to their routines. However, there can be some issues with the traveling and parking conditions. These issues are because of the liturgies, parades and plays held at different places.


Normal practices include preparation of Easter eggs on Easter Friday in Canada. People beautifully decorate the eggs and use red color mostly to symbolize Christ’s blood. Most people eat hot cross buns. There is a small cross on the bun, and the bun is specially made in a pale color that remains even after baking the bun. The top is covered with crushed sugar.

According to the Canadian national and Defense forces, Orthodox Christians show their difference in opinion and position from Catholic churches due to their certain reasons. One of the reasons is that the term Orthodox means the right to worship and teachings. So they consider themselves better than the western Catholic churches. In doing so, they conduct Easter Friday on different dates. There are also many differences in Roman and Canadian Orthodox Catholics.