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Celebration of Good Friday in the United Kingdom

Good Friday happens two days before the celebrated Easter Sunday. During this day, people commemorate the sacrifices made by the lord Jesus Christ when he was crucified and died to give the people an eternal life. In the United Kingdom, Good Friday is also celebrated. It is celebrated before the first Sunday after the first full moon of the March Equinox or during the March Equinox.Good Friday in the United Kingdom

The Happenings

Good Friday in UK is celebrated by most people in the country. Christians and Catholics go to the church to conduct special church services as well as to attend the regular mass, especially the 3 pm mass, which marks the death of Jesus on the cross when he got crucified. Other people tend to stay at their homes and work on their own gardens. There are also people who take advantage of the long weekend to have a short vacation. This is the primary reason why there are also lots of tourists during Good Friday.

In terms of food, people tend to do fasting by not eating meat. Thus, the most popular foods during this day are fish, fruits, and vegetables. People also bake hot cross buns as commemoration to the symbol of the day, which is the cross. Such cross buns may be made plain or be added or mixed with sugar and other toppings to make them more delicious.

State of the Public

Good Friday is a public holiday in the United Kingdom. However, most administrative offices and schools are closed. Markets are also closed during this day. However, stores are generally open to public. In addition, since people tend to go on some short vacations, there can be congestion with a lot of roads and public transport systems.

Short Background

Good Friday is celebrated as commemoration to the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was crucified because he sacrificed himself to save us people. He was able to give us an eternal life.

For the upcoming Good Friday 2017 UK, which is on April 14, 2017, make sure to make all the necessary preparations for the holiday. Since this is a public holiday, plan the activities that you want to do so that you can make the day as productive and as memorable as it can be. Just make sure to not forget the commemoration regardless of whether you are a dedicated Christian or not.

Good Friday Greetings

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Good Friday 2017

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