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What, When, and What Happens During the Holy Week? Good Friday 2017

The last week of the Lent season is called the Holy week. This week starts from the Palm Sunday to Good Friday and Holy Saturday. This is then succeeded by the Easter Sunday. Good Friday 2017 is near and it wil be the time again to commemorate, re-enact, and reflect upon the sufferings and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to save all of us – the humankind.

The Days of the Holy Week

The Holy week starts with the Palm Sunday. Lots of people, especially the Christians and Catholics, go to the church to attend the mass. There are even souvenirs of palms that can be taken back at home to symbolize the holy day. Some people even use such palm designs to expel all evil.

Good Friday 2017

good friday 2017

Normal days are then experienced for the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Some countries declare the entire week as a holiday. Some people take the free time to have a vacation away with their families while some dedicate their entire time for the holy week by attending different churches.

The Maundy Thursday is then observed. People prepare for the upcoming days of the holy week. It is also a day where people conduct processions and services on the church. The Good Friday is then observed the following day. This day is considered as solemn and full of prayers since it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. Passion plays are usually conducted during this day. Expect such things to happen for the upcoming Good Friday 2017.

Black Saturday then happens. People usually fast during this day. This day is also considered sacred because it is the only day of the year that symbolizes that Jesus is dead after being nailed on the cross. This day is the continuation of mourning.

The next day is the enjoyable one full of celebration. It is the Easter Friday and Sunday which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This day usually starts with a mass. People conduct Easter parties. The most famous one is the Easter egg hunt.

The Upcoming Holy Week

The holy week is near. Particularly, Good Friday is on April 14, 2017. Lots of people are now preparing for the events that will be conducted during these days of the week. There are also people now planning their itinerary for their vacations and do good Friday food celebrations.

Happenings on the Holy Week

Holy Week is basically filled with holy and religious traditions and celebrations. It is filled with masses, church services, prayers, exhibits, passion plays, and fasting.

Make sure to prepare for the near Good Friday 2017 to experience the most out of it.


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The Importance of Prayer During the Good Friday 2017

Indeed, prayers are the biggest part of the Good Friday celebration. The day cannot be celebrated to the fullest without the tons of prayer that will be celebrated. Whichever kind of event you may attend for the upcoming Good Friday 2017, there will always be some prayers to be recited. As a Christian or a Catholic, you should already know why you should pray during this day and any other day. If not, then read the facts below about the importance of prayers during the Good Friday.

Good Friday 217 Importance

Good Friday 217 Importance

To Have a Solemn Celebration

Good Friday is a day celebrated to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ. He died on the cross and undergone a series of tortures and beatings just to erase the sins of humankind and save us all from an impending apocalypse. For this reason, Good Friday is celebrated solemnly. And the best way to celebrate this day solemnly is through prayers. Closing your eyes, putting your hands up together, and connecting with the almighty ones can help you do a solemn activity for the day.

To Ask for Forgiveness and for Thanksgiving

As mentioned earlier, Good Friday is celebrated to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself to save us all. Therefore, we all should ask for forgiveness and thanksgiving to Jesus. You can do this by doing a prayer. Connect with the Lord Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness for all of the sins you have committed in your life, be it a mild or serious sin. You should also connect with Jesus through a prayer to give thanks for saving you, your friends, your family, and all the people in the world.

To Honor God and Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

You should also conduct prayers during Good Friday to honor God and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Adore both of them and thank them for their grace and mercy. Thank them for giving you a chance to live in this world even if you are sinful.

To Connect with Other People

Prayers are not only done individually, they can also be done by groups. This is yet another reason why you should do prayers during Good Friday – to connect with other people. You may do prayers either in the form of group recital prayers or through a prayer song.

Now, you know the importance of prayers during the Good Friday celebration and thus you are now ready for the Good Friday 2017.


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The Observance of the Lent Season Good Friday 2017

The Lent season is defined by the forty days between the Ash Wednesday and the Easter Sunday. The most celebrated part of the Lent season is the holy week which starts with the Palm Sunday and then followed by the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and the Easter Sunday. Since the Good Friday 2017 is near, try to know more about this season so that you can make the best out of the celebration.

History of Good Friday 2017

The celebration of the Lent can be traced back as far as the fourth and fifth centuries. Agricultural societies are mostly the ones that celebrate this kind of season. People who celebrate this way back in time already practiced fasting. Some records say that fasting probably originated due to the climate of the season which is winter. Thus, there is indeed a scarcity in food. The word Lent is believed to have originated from the German term Lenct which means spring or fasting.People also celebrate this good friday in UK.

Good Friday 2017

good friday 2017




40 Day Celebration

You may be wondering why the Lent season is only 40 days when you have counted in the calendar that it is actually 46 days. That is true but the main reason why the Lent is only counted to be 40 days is because all Sundays between the palm Sunday and the Easter Sunday are not included in the count. Sunday is the day when Jesus is believed to have been resurrected that is why it is not included in the count. Another possible reason for the 40 day count is that there are some biblical references about the number 40 which may have been adapted for the Lent season.Only April 14, 2017 is good friday.

Colors of the Lent

Just like any other celebration, the Lent season is also symbolized by some standard colors like red, purple, and dark violet. These are the primary colors of the Lent season because they symbolize the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. Another color for the Lent season is gray. Although this color only becomes a primary color which symbolizes the ash Wednesday.

Those are all the things you need to know about the Lent season. May you enjoy the upcoming lent and maximize your celebration especially on the upcoming Good Friday 2017, where you will be having a solemn day full of prayers and forgiveness.


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The Concept of Forgiveness of Good Friday 2017 Holy Day

The Good Friday 2017 is just right around the corner. You may have prepared all the necessary things that you need to celebrate this special day but still, all the celebration would be for nothing if you do not know the concept of forgiveness during Good Friday April 14, 2017.

Good Friday is a day celebrated to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. At first, Jesus was regarded as a criminal committing high treason. He was accused of being a rebel against the Roman Empire for he said a lot of words about God sweeping away the enemies of Israel which implies the downfall of the Roman Empire. A lot of people despised and condemned him. Pontius Pilate ordered his death by crucifixion, a way of dying during the ancient times for criminals who have committed extreme sins.

The Concept of Forgiveness of Good Friday 2017

good friday 2017

However, Jesus was not alone in the process. He still had some people backing him up and believing all the words that he is saying. He acted as the messenger of God and thus wants to inform the people of the upcoming dilemmas and disasters.It’s the importance of Good Friday 2017.

Jesus Christ suffered a painful and sorrowful journey on his way to the hillside of Rome where he will be crucified. He was beaten, whipped, dressed in a crown of thorns, and he carried a huge heavy cross while walking. Upon arrival at the destination, he was crucified along with two criminals named James and John.

These two criminals had committed serious crimes enough for them to be crucified. One of the criminals felt bitter. With arrogance, he asked Jesus Christ to prove himself worthy and correct by giving him a place in this special kingdom he talks about. On the other hand, the other criminal believed that Jesus had done nothing wrong to deserve his death. For one last time, he asked for forgiveness. He did not demand Jesus to give him a place in the special kingdom. Instead, he asked Jesus to have him remembered even just a little bit while Christ is in the Kingdom. This humbling and faithful speech allowed Jesus to give man the forgiveness that he deserves. And with that, he was able to ascend to the kingdom and have a special place in it.

Although the crucifixion and the journey of Christ is one of the main themes of Good Friday messages, forgiveness is also a main part of it. This is also the main reason why the prayers and services on the church talk about forgiveness during the masses of Good Friday.

Celebrate the upcoming Good Friday 2017 with forgiveness. Forgive all those people who have committed sins to you and have wronged you. Erase all the impurities in your heart and may you live a long, happy, and forgiving life.

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The Essence of the Good Friday – Good Friday 2017

Good Friday 2017 is a day that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Out of all the days in the Christian calendar, the Good Friday is the most solemn one. Each year, the date of the Good Friday varies between March 20 and April 23 and this time April 14, 2017 because of the variations in the computations of the date. For this year, Good Friday 2017 is celebrated on April 14, 2017. Catholics and Christians alike celebrate the day with great reverence and humility since it is the pinnacle of the holy week.

good friday 2017

Good Friday History

In the ancient times, Christians designate the day of Friday as a day full of prayers and fasting. However, during the fourth century, the Friday before the Easter Sunday was associated to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Greek Church first called this Friday as the Holy Friday. It was then called as Good Friday by the Romans.

Origin of Good Friday

There may be two possible ways on how Good Friday got its name. First one is that back in the days, the term “Good” means holy since it is nearly the same as the term “God”. Another reason is that the German term “Gute Freitag” from the Gallican Church in Gaul made use of this term which exactly means “Good Friday”.

Traditions on Good Friday 2017

Good Friday is traditionally celebrated in a somber state. Masses are held in various churches with the 3 pm mass being the most important one. There are also special services in different churches that a lot of Christians and Catholics attend to. Perhaps the most famous series of symbols for the Good Friday are the Stations of the Crosses. Passion plays are also held to commemorate what happened to Jesus Christ when he got crucified and died for the sake of saving us all. Such traditions you may experience on Good Friday 2017.

Celebrating Good Friday with the Peers

You may also enjoy the celebration of Good Friday with your peers. You can exchange Good Friday messages with your friends and family members. You may also visit several churches around your region with your family and pray for thanksgiving and forgiveness.

Now that Good Friday 2017, is just right around the corner, make sure to prepare yourself for the celebrations and to plan ahead your itinerary. With this, you can maximize the celebration and thus enjoy the rest of the holy week.


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Easter Monday 2017

The Origin of the Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

The Easter week is that time of the year when Christians and Catholics remember the death and the resurrection of the lord Jesus Christ. These people believe that Jesus, the son of God, sacrificed himself to erase all the sins of the people and then came back to life after three days in order to banish the evil. Christians and Catholics believe that faith in God and Jesus can lead them to heaven. You might want to know a thing or two about the Easter week to celebrate easter Monday 2017 to the fullest.

The term “Easter” came from the word “Ostara” which is an old pagan spring festival celebrated to honor a new life. It also came from an old pagan festival called “Ishtar” which is an Arabian sun festival. Ancient Christians then took over these festivals and changed the theme of new life into celebrating the new life of Jesus Christ. Easter is somewhat similar and dissimilar to Christmas. It is dissimilar to Christmas in a way that Easter celebrates both the death and the new life of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, it is similar to Christmas in a way that both celebrate the life of Jesus Christ.

Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

The Origin of the Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

The Origin of the Easter Week Traditions and Celebrations

Easter Week is celebrated somewhere between March and April because this is the time when Jesus died, somewhere in the Jewish Passover festival. The Passover festival started to be celebrated about 4,000 years ago when the Jewish people remembered when Christ saved them from slavery in Egypt. The date of this celebration is being followed by the Jews based on the cycle of the moon, hence the variation between March and April.Easter week is coming in April this time and will be good Friday 2017 the most awesome day.

Nowadays, the Easter period is celebrated in one whole week. The Lenten season officially starts during the Ash Wednesday which is 46 days before the first day of the Easter week. However, keep in mind that Lent is celebrated for 40 days because Sundays are not included. The Easter week then starts on Eastern Monday and the rest of the week follows the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

That is all there is for the Easter week origin of celebration. Share the knowledge you have learned to those who still do not know much about this on easter Monday 2017.

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Good Friday 2017 Uk

The good Friday 2017 UK is just right around the corner. You probably are planning on the various traditions and activities that you will be conducting for this special event. Now, you may have already prepared the passion plays, cross buns, prayers, and other activities for the Good Friday but you still are not prepared for the symbols that should be displayed. The symbols will enhance the celebration of the Good Friday because they make the people feel the special event a lot more serious. This article will discuss to you the various Easter symbols for the Easter week celebration.

Easter Symbols For Easter Week Celebrations

Easter Symbols For Easter Week Celebrations

Easter Symbols For Easter Week Celebrations

Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnets have been popularized in the European countries for the easter celebration. An easter bonnet is a hat decorated by various flowers for women to wear. Nowadays, a lot more countries aside from the European ones have adapted the use of Easter bonnets as traditional head wear for the Easter week. A lot of people even conduct contest as to who wore the best Easter bonnet. Some shops also display an Easter bonnet. Shops with the best designs win the best display resulting to more tourist attractions.

Easter Rabbits and Lambs

You may have known this already. During easter in good Friday 2017, the most popular animals are the rabbits and the lambs. The main reason for this is that these animals often give birth during spring which is the date of the Easter celebration. During the ancient times, rabbits were a sign of new life and good luck. On the other hand, the lamb is a symbol of Jesus as indicated in the bible when he was described as the Lamb of God.

Easter Eggs

Of Course, easter eggs will always be there during easter especially on the Easter Sunday. Children and even adults play a game called the Easter egg hunt wherein they will look for decorated eggs hidden in various places around one area. The winner will be the one who got the most number of Easter eggs in his or her basket.

Cross Buns

Cross buns are the staple food, especially on Good Friday. These became the primary substitute for other foods when people fast during the day. They also became a traditional food for passion plays to be given to the guests.

Those are the main symbols of the Easter week. Make sure to prepare these symbols especially the cross buns for the good Friday 2017 .


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Good friday 2019

The celebration of the good friday 2019 is near and it is expected for you to know everything about the Easter day customs. You cannot celebrate the Easter to the fullest if you do not even know how you are celebrating it. If just like other people this is your dilemma, then this article is here to help you with knowing everything about the Easter day and the entire Easter week.


For Christians and Catholics alike, Easter Day is one of the most important days of their year. It is the day when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after he was crucified to save humanity. Most churches all over the world celebrate the Easter Day on the midnight or just seconds after beginning the day. Candles are one of the main parts of the celebration. They help the Christians and Catholic remember the lightness that Jesus has given to the world when he eliminated the darkness from it.


There are some churches that start the celebration in a service during the darkness. Afterwards, twelve candles are lit one by one and then these candles are used to light other candles around the church. For each lit of a candle, the priest will state “Christ has risen” and the rest of the people or audience within the church responds “He has risen indeed.” Countries like Greece even make use of fireworks to make the celebration a lot more alive.


Churches are also filled with various flowers during Easter day. These flowers represent a new life. Passion flowers and lilies are the most common kinds of flowers during the celebration. Priests, who lead the Church services, wear their brightest robes. Some churches display a model of the tomb that Christ was put into during Good Friday 2017. During Easter Day, this tomb will be rolled away.


These are some of the most common Easter day customs all over the world. Make sure to bear in mind these customs for you to be able to maximize your celebration especially on the upcoming good friday 2019.

Good Friday on 2011 and 2016 – Holy Good Friday

Good Friday on 2011 and 2016 – Holy Good Friday

The Good Friday observed in 2011 and the one observed in 2016 are a bit different owing to many reasons. The essence, passion and the commemoration are duly respected and believed. However, technological advancements have been dominant and they have made an impact in our lives. The advancements that were in 2011 have been quite changed.Good Friday

How the world observed Good Friday in 2011:

The internet is readily available. Christians, irrespective of their sects, pay their respects by offering fasts and attending services in churches. On a more unphysical and digital scale, pictures related to the teachings of Jesus are shared. Famous sermons are delivered as they’re shared on every online social platform. Masterpieces on the life of Jesus are being discussed and forwarded. What is interesting to note is that all these activities are easily being done via cell phones and computers. Cell phones, restricted to their size, would have to be connected to computer to be more accessible in sharing or receiving contents.

How the world observed Good Friday in 2016:

With the advent of better cell phones, the sharing of content had gotten easier. With better display and options, cell phones were primarily used to share content online. What became the most gifted of all options was the Live Broadcast. Just like TVs cover the as-it-is-happening content, technology gave everyone the freedom to their moments of Good Friday as they were happening.

Every part of the famous The Way of the Cross could be broadcasted by anyone who is in the procession. In short, the world observed Good Friday in a better and smartly integrated way as compared to 2011.

The spirit, nonetheless, remained the same for the passion of Christ, whether it was 2011 or 2016.

Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions

Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece Traditions, Easter Friday 2017 in Canada | Good Friday in Canada Traditions

Easter Friday 2017 in Greece | Good Friday in Greece TraditionsEaster Friday is celebrated by many Catholic and Orthodox Christians. It is also called “Great Friday.” They remember this day as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The dates of Catholic Easter Friday are two days before Easter Sunday; the date is set according to the lunar calendar. The Orthodox Christians use certain editions of Julian Calendars also.


Many of the Orthodox Christians have the ritual of holding out of the ordinary readings of the events that lead towards crucifixion. There are many Christians that arrange these meetings for the whole week and also hold many liturgies in the afternoon. There are certain discussion groups of people where they discuss particular topics. There are family retreats. People wrap red eggs that are to be distributed on the Easter Sunday. Many of the grown-up Christians do fasting, prayers, confessions, cleanliness, community work and self-assessment on this day. This leads them towards eradicating mistakes and leading a better life ahead.

New Testament in Bible

Many of the Greece people remember the last moments of Christ as stated in New Testament in Bible. It is a liturgy that is long. However, it is much remarkable. There are sequences of events along with the contribution in prayers. The coffin in passed on the streets through an authentic person. Churches are decorated, and parades are held. People also stage some plays to commemorate the events of that day. Good Friday 2017 in UK, US, India, Canada, Australia

General Public

There is no federal public holiday at Easter Friday in Greece. People gather and celebrate the Easter period with their loved ones. People that are travelers should confirm with their embassies and make sure the availability of transport before making any plans.

There is pressure among the Orthodox Catholics about the date of Easter Friday. Some of them follow old Julian calendar while some go according to the revised calendar. There are certain steps taken to avoid this problem. Some transformations have been made, but there are no fruitful results so far to solve the issue. However, people regard this as really holy week and represent symbols of sadness on Easter Friday due to hurtful events. It is the event of great importance for Christian community.

Traditional Good Friday meal |Traditional catholic Good Friday dinner

Traditional catholic Good Friday dinner

Traditional Good Friday meal may be anything. It won’t involve meat, however. Christians mostly prefer fasting on this day. Though, the fasting involves the meal to be relatively less than the regular ones, here are a few dishes to consider, whether you are fasting or not.Traditional Good Friday meal

Traditional Good Friday Meal:

  • Seafood:

Though, the consumption of meat is forbidden on Good Friday, chicken, fishes are, casually speaking, allowed. So, if you’re up for fish, crabs, shrimps, this just might be your meal. Shrimp tacos, fish nuggets, bean soup with crabs will do just fine.

  • Vegetables:

So, if you’re serious about not consuming meat, you can really have anything with vegetables in it. The ones we recommend are butter and spinach, casseroles filled with cheese, bell pepper, and onions.

  • Fruits:

It gets easier if you try mixing bananas, apples, and mangoes into a fruit salad. Dry fruits can be fun. Roasting almonds; mixing them with peanuts, pine nuts, and have a wonderful dry fruit salad.

  • Mix ‘em all:

If you’re good with the taste and the idea of every food, this just might be your thing. Mix all or any of the above according to your proportional taste and voila!

What is important here is to mention that traditional foods do vary from places to places. There is really no strictness regarding the meal. Also, the Good Friday meal varies from which place it is being consumed in. For example, the idea of consuming dry fruits in a warm or hot place just might not be a good idea. What also is to be noted is the availability of the vegetable, fruit or meat. So, if you’re in a place celebrating Good Friday without fishes, you just might get along with chicken

The Good Friday of 2013 and 2016: A Comparison

The Good Friday of 2013 and 2016: A Comparison

The Good Friday of 2013 was observed on March, 29. The Good Friday that was celebrated on 2013 and the one celebrated on 2016 may have some resemblance. The advancements compared to that time or today were just a different in respect to their magnitude. Here, we shall observe a few differences and resemblances of the good Fridays of 2013 and 2016.

The Good Friday of 2013:

The Good Friday of 2013 was observed with most respected and holiest spirits. This was observed by all Christianity followers all around the world. With the advent of Internet, cell phones the wishing of Good Friday was rather easy and more accessible. The devoted Christian followers would greet and observe the Good Friday in person as well as on the internet.

One important aspect, above the personal one, was the facilities that the internet had provided. With many online platforms, the internet gave access to millions of Christian followers to highlight their remarks, respect on the life of Jesus Christ. The platforms mostly used were Facebook, Twitter. It must also be mentioned that there were independent blogs as well read by a huge number of internet users.

The Good Friday of 2016:

The spiritual respect, offerings, and respect were paid duly to Jesus Christ. Out of the personal scale, it must also be observed that on a broader scale. The internet gave more ideas and authority in wishing the Good Friday in its most valuable form. With the social applications such as Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat and many others, the way of expression found a new meaning. The Good Friday was observed worldwide and most importantly, the internet saw it happen to its best. This is all due to smartphone applications that brought us more ways to express ourselves.


The God’s message for Good Friday: The reason of Good Friday

The God’s message for Good Friday: The reason of Good Friday

Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This was the sole crucifixion in the history of mankind where God symbolized his only son to outdo the sins, death of mankind. The purpose of Good Friday is a fine plan for humanity. For humanity to understand the meaning, it is not only important that they hold the strongest belief in God but also in his acts. The crucifixion of Jesus was God’s intention to bring humanity to one cause: To remove them from sin and death.The God’s message for Good Friday

The message of God for Good Friday:

When the son of God was crucified, he was accounted for no treason, crime or guilt. He preached the message of love, peace and how to forgive even when the enemy had brought harm to him for many reasons.

But why is it that God crucified his only son?

The nature of this act is to show the humanity of all ages that how much God loves them. How important it is that God wishes them to see the path of light. God urged his followers and non-followers to oblige the path of peace and be free of all sins. The sins that had kept many in darkness and slavery of devil were to perish.

God wished his son to be the symbol for every human to come to realize that sin is redeemable. For whatever the sin maybe, forgiveness is always an option to choose. Jesus, being captured for no reason, was humiliated, tortured. He departed from this world with no guilt on himself. God, having made this happen, made us all realize how much he loves us and how much he wishes us to be on the right path. Having his only son to be crucified for all the sins of mankind was, without a doubt, a powerful display of love.

Bibles Verses Readings On Good Friday

Bibles Verses Readings On Good Friday

Readings to consider on Good Friday are many. The events of Good Friday can be observed in various passages of the bible. The passages, though, are scattered, but they lead to the exact event for which Good Friday Wishes is remembered.

Good Friday Readings, as explained in bible:

Following are some of the verses highlighting the events, sayings and teachings of Jesus Christ around the days of his resurrection:

  • Mark 9:31

This verse is a quote from Jesus representing his resurrection. His exacts were as follows: “The Son of Man will be delivered to the hands of men. After they kill him, he will rise after three days”. This highlights the fact of his appearance after his death on crucifixion.

  • Peter 2:24

This powerful verse explains how the sacrifice of Jesus led to the salvation of mankind. This verse states Jesus lifting all our wrongdoings on himself. “He himself took the burden of our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we may die for sins and live for righteousness. “From his wounds you were healed”. This verse highlights how God, the father of Jesus, let his son lift the sins that we do on his body.

  • Matthew 27:11-65

This fills in the events that were led by Judas, the disciple who turned Jesus to the authority of that time. These passages state Jesus and his dialogue with Governor. The governor was forced to execute Jesus by crucifying him. The passage further tells states the suffering and torture that Jesus was put on. Later in the passage, Jesus is nailed on a cross and is erected. Jesus dies and was entombed.

Along with these verses, there are many which represent the events leading to crucifixion.

Good Friday © 2016